How is your jewelry made?

The Toulhoat workshops produce at Quimper in Brittany each jewel individually in the small family workshop for 50 years.

The models were created by Pierre Toulhoat, carved directly on a mold, producing the most elaborate decorative patterns directly reversed, with ease.

These are the molds that are used even today to perform the melt of your jewelry.

Cast iron produced is then smoothed and trimmed to remove particular elements for keeping the cast in the mold. At this stage your jewelry is as white and matt entirely.

The jewel will then be assembled and different jewel component elements will be welded and placed at the waist.

Then comes the polishing step, this step is important because it's the claw Toulhoat workshops, the jeweler applies a black paste on the jewel, it will then move to the polisher (large electric brush) which will set permanent finish this and give it its bright, this step gives the styte Toulhoat.

The jeweler then produced the engraving manually using an etching strawberry. This process is quite rare because the prints today are made using machines using a diamond or a laser.