Pierre Toulhoat

In December 1997 , in ARMEN magazine, Armel Morgant thus concluded his article dedicated to « Pierre Toulhoat, the great tradition of popular arts »

« In a little more than half a century, Toulhoat has built a multiform and exceptional work in the Breton artistic production. In his own way he renewed the popular art, the « functional » art, a form of art you can enjoy everyday, at everyone's hand. No need to ask for great concepts to decipher this work, its reading is immediate. It speaks directly to the heart because it comes from somewhere, deeply rooted in a country, a culture. »

Pierre Toulhoat was born in 1923 in Quimper, a middle­size town in the south of Brittany.

Quimper is well­known for its earthenware. In his early years, he was already inhabited by the feeling of « living in a wonderful country with old and beautiful buildings of all kinds ». Through his family, he came in touch with the traditional Breton lifestyle. He also quickly took interest in everything related to his mother land. He learned the Breton language and went to discover its landscapes.

For more than 40 years, his main activity has been the jewel manufacture. Indeed, in 1953, he founded his own workshop. From it, are issued rings, pendents and other set of jewels. Their themes are freely inspired by Celtic and Breton patterns. At the same time, Toulhoat conceives croziers, crosses and other religious objects either for the Breton soil or any other part of Europe.The fact is hat, nowadays, Toulhoat's work of art can be admired from the island of Ouessant, in Brittany, to the city of Minsk, in Belorussia.

Today still, Toulhoat's jewels are all handmade one by one in the family workshop in Quimper. They are all signed by the artist.