About us

The short story and the founder's word.

Celteshop.com was born in 1999 when the commercial use of the Internet was in its early stages in France. Creating Celteshop.com made me seen as innovating, even a little harebrained in the field of celtic jewelry. Until then, sale of these products used the traditional sales path. Only a few institutional websites existed and Google search engine was almost empty.

It has been a mean to make two worlds encounter : Celtic traditions and handcraft (with its thousands years of history) and the digital world.

Then I met Pierre Toulhoat. He is a humble and gifted creator. It gave me the occasion of selling handmade jewelry manufactured in Quimper, Brittany.

This artist is strongly linked with the history of Brittany, its real and fantasy past, its legends. He is inspired by nature, designed birds, traditional symbols. All these are modernized by his touch, recognizable at first sight thanks to his unique style.

Celteshop.com also opened a shop in Dinard, a famous place of culture, creation and art galleries.

Nowadays, Celteshop.com only sells online to offer a complete choice of Toulhoat's jewelry.

Today you can discover more than 1500 different jewels with numerous combinations of precious metals, a warranty and possible fixing of your jewel even several decades after your purchase. This is the sign of the durability of Celtic art as we see it.

Olivier Morice
Director – Founder